This is Ballpoint Banana, a place where I can keep all the projects I'm working on. There's not much here at the moment, but do check in whenever you like.

Latest News

27/09/09 – Hmm. Haven't touched this place in a while, have I? Ah, well, I'm here now! The music page is now up.

20/05/08 – Double whammy for you today — WikiTree and Dada Haiku are both now live.

14/05/08Action Movie Bingo is up.

15/04/08 – The Strange Unit Calculator is now up on the Programming page.

13/04/08 – Site goes live!

About Me

Anything you might wish to know about me can be found in the page conveniently titled About Me.

About The Site

Ballpoint Banana is best viewed in Mozilla Firefox, or any browser that fully supports CSS standards. It looks acceptable in Internet Explorer, but not great; frankly, I am not going to fix Microsoft's problems for them.