This page is for all the bits of coding that I've been working on, but which require their own server to run. (It is obscenely difficult to put Javascript programs – and downright impossible to put Python scripts – in Blogger posts.) They'll be uploaded slowly as I convert them to work on web pages.

Coding Hosted Here

RSS Colours - Take the "colour" (generally positive or generally negative) of a given RSS feed by counting positive and negative words.

Archers-O-Matic - Find out the dates, times and synopses of upcoming episodes of BBC Radio 4 show, The Archers.

Last.FM National Popularity Match - Discover how similar your musical taste is to that of an entire country.

Strange Unit Calculator - Convert any distance into unusual (yet oddly familiar) units.

Action Movie Bingo - Turn the unoriginality of action movie directors to your benefit with this automatically-generated bingo card.

WikiTree - Find your way through the maze of Wikipedia without having to go through the bother of actually looking at it.

Dada Haiku - Automatically construct haiku by picking random words from the dictionary. Guaranteed to have the right syllable count, and also guaranteed not to make any sense whatsoever.

Coding Hosted Elsewhere

BBC News Headline Editor - A Greasemonkey script designed to customise the news headlines on the BBC News website.

Ficlets Filter - Another Greasemonkey script, designed to remove any authors from the "Browse Stories" page on Ficlets.