Dada Haiku

Haiku have something of a reputation for being too easy to be "proper" poetry. That's understandable, as they are very simple in concept. Doing them well, however, is a real art form, and the best can be utterly fantastic.

The haiku that this program makes, however, are not fantastic. Rather, it goes right to the other end of the scale, picking words from a cut-down version of the Carnegie-Mellon Pronunciation Dictionary to construct haiku that have the correct syllable count, but otherwise make no sense whatsoever. That's the general idea behind the anti-art movement of Dada - the program makes nonsense out of poetry to suggest that poetry can sometimes be nonsense.

Or, alternatively, it's me having fun with simple programming and not really bothering with anything more constructive than that. Make up your own mind.

To get your randomly-generated haiku, click the button below. You can get up to ten haiku in one go - just enter the number you'd like in the box.

Number of haiku:

Things to bear in mind: The words used to build the haiku come from a very large dictionary, so obviously I haven't looked through them all. That means that words may come up that you find objectionable. Likewise, the word order is entirely random, so the words may form sentences conveying ideas that you dislike. You can download the dictionary that I'm using from here - it's a pretty big file, so it may crash your browser if you open it directly. For some reason, the dictionary contains a lot of archaic and foreign words (especially German ones), so you might not even understand the words that appear in your haiku. To see more haiku, either come back here and click the button again, or reload the results page.