Strange Unit Calculator

Sometimes distances are very difficult to visualise. We can, however, visualise actual objects. So here's a calculator that will convert any distance into various object lengths. Click an object's name to put one of that object into the box.

Human hairs: 0
Matchsticks: 0
Mobile phones: 0
Sheets of A4: 0
Office chairs: 0
VW Beetles: 0
Routemasters: 0
Olympic pools: 0
Rugby pitches: 0
Wembley arches: 0
London-Edinburgh trips: 0
Earth diameters: 0


The table of distances I used is below; it uses the best data I could find, but obviously you shouldn't base any important decisions on this.

Object Size Equivalent (m)
Human hair (width) 50 μm 0.00005
Matchstick (width) 2 mm 0.002
Mobile phone (Nokia 5310, length) 104 mm 0.104
A4 paper (length) 297 mm 0.297
Office chair (height) 93 cm 0.93
Volkswagen Beetle 1500 (length) 4026 mm 4.026
Routemaster double-decker bus (length) 8.4 m 8.4
Olympic-size swimming pool (length) 50 m 50
International rugby union pitch (length) 100 m 100
Wembley Stadium's arch (span) 315 m 315
Distance from London to Edinburgh 404 miles 650175
Diameter of the Earth 7926.28 miles 12756111