If, like me, you are utterly addicted to Wikipedia, you'll know the fascination of going from one link to another, delving ever deeper into the encyclopedia, completely losing sight of whatever it was you were trying to find out about in the first place.

Now, I know that people nowadays are busy — they can't be expected to sit there clicking for ages. And it's with this in mind that I have built a script that does the browsing for you.

To use the WikiTree, enter a Wikipedia page title in the box below, select either a "wide" or "deep" crawl, and press the button. The page title can be anything in Wikipedia — both "Ballpoint" and "Banana" give interesting results, if you're stuck for ideas!

A "wide" crawl gives you up to ten links from each page it reaches, but doesn't delve that far into the encyclopedia. A "deep" crawl, on the other hand, goes further but only gives you the page title from each page it reaches. Both methods take some time (querying the Wikipedia database several times takes a little while), so be patient after you've clicked the button.

Page title:

Make a crawl through the encyclopedia.

One extra thing to bear in mind — making multiple calls to the Wikipedia servers does tend to hammer them a bit. Because I don't want to send their bandwidth bills through the roof, please don't go overboard. Trying out a few different page titles will be fine, but don't keep going for too long. I won't put any usage limits on this unless it suddenly gets very popular; try not to make me have to.